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Goals of the ACP Strategic Plan
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The Mission of the Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) supports a viable, vibrant, and diverse Catholic publishing environment throughout North America and beyond. It seeks to provide visibility to, advocacy for, and sustainability of published Catholic content.

In particular, the ACP provides leadership to, among, and on behalf of its members, who serve the Catholic market. ACP exists to advance the following aims:

  1. Create a greater awareness of the value and availability of Catholic content, Catholic reading, and Catholic publications.
  2. Address the professional development of its members.
  3. Build cooperative and informed relationships.
  4. Serve as a clearinghouse for best practices, resources, and fellowship among members.
  5. Develop the ability to take collective action on behalf of the common interests of the members.

To effectively serve its members, the ACP must become both visible and viable. It has identified four strategic goals to achieve this visibility and viability while at the same time serving its members:

Strategic Goals 2012-2015

  1. ACP promotes the rich diversity of Catholic publishing so that an ever-growing number of Catholics use, value, and are formed by the treasury of Catholic content.
  2. ACP provides a strong unified voice for advocacy, cooperation, and collaboration with ecclesial leaders, other Catholic organizations, and the broader publishing industry.
  3. ACP provides skills development, peer support, industry resourcing, and professional networking to benefit its members as individuals and as publishing institutions.
  4. ACP seeks to achieve continued membership growth, stronger and more visible name recognition, increased services and benefits for its members, and a solid financial position in its initiatives.


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