Value: Dignity and Worth of the Person

Guiding Principle: ACP Members respect the inherent dignity and worth of all people.

ACP Members respect all those with whom they interact—e.g., employees, authors/composers, customers, vendors, freelancers, consultants—and we work to embrace and enhance the dignity, gifts, contributions, and life of each person. We know that integrity is the cornerstone of working relationships that foster healthy and open communication and effective resolution of conflicts. We honor the diversity of background and experience that each person brings to the publishing endeavor, without discrimination.

Value: Community

Guiding Principle: ACP Members act in the best interests of the community.

ACP Members recognize that, as human persons, we are inherently social. We strive to create a sense of community in our companies that promotes full, active, and conscious participation in our work, in our homes, in the Church, and in the wider community. We work with others in a spirit of collegiality and cooperation. We strive in words and actions to work for the common good.

Value: Rights and Responsibilities

Guiding Principle: ACP Members respect that people have both rights and responsibilities.

ACP Members recognize that employees have the right to healthy and decent places of work, and that authors, composers, and content creators deserve just attribution and compensation for their work. We act to protect the rights of our staff members and all those with whom we work. We also recognize that we have responsibilities to each other and to those served by our ministries. We endeavor to create an ethical industry and positive work environments, and we invest the appropriate resources to support both.

Value: Dignity of Work

Guiding Principle: ACP Members recognize that work is a means of participating in God’s creation.

ACP Members respect the dignity of work—the work of employees, customers, authors, composers, contributors, and content creators. We strive for fair and just treatment of all those who touch a project from its inception to its use in a home, Church, parish, or school.

Value: Rights of Workers

Guiding Principle: ACP Members treat workers fairly, justly, and decently.

ACP Members offer decent and fair wages, support fair employment practices and engage in ethical business practices.  We provide fair reporting structures regarding compensation (e.g., reporting of licensing, payment of royalties, etc.) and behavior (e.g., unjust treatment, discrimination, etc.) We are equal opportunity employers who value the diversity of the gifts of our workers, and we do not tolerate harassment or abuse of any kind.

Value: Solidarity

Guiding Principle: ACP Members stand with each other especially in times of crisis.

ACP Members promote the field of Catholic publishing as a whole and the use of Catholic content among Catholics. We respond with generosity and charity in times of crisis and we advocate as an Association on behalf of our members.

Value: Respect for God’s Creation

Guiding Principle: ACP Members act as responsible stewards of resources.

ACP Members steward our resources—money, materials, time—as responsibly as possible. We consider the impact that our decisions have on the well-being of people and the planet.

Value: Competence

Guiding Principle: ACP Members support and enhance our employees’ areas of expertise and increase their professional development and competence.

ACP Members support the knowledge and skills of our staffs as they continue to grow and mature in competence. We provide opportunities for professional growth.