Leading with Integrity Award

This award is new as of 2022!

The Leading with Integrity Award is intended to recognize ethical and value-based actions and behavior of an individual or company in the course of their professional duties or position as articulated in ACP’s statement of Values (available at https://www.catholicpublishers.org/acp-values). The award can be given to a member or non-member. The award may be given out as determined by the ACP Board of Directors.

Examples of actions or behavior that would represent the ACP Values include:

  • Promoting the ethical use of Catholic resources
  • Setting the goal of producing resources in an environmentally sound, carbon-neutral way
  • Establishing a work environment and culture that values employees’ gifts and talents beyond the resume or job description
  • Taking a public stance on behalf of vulnerable populations
  • Acting generously in a way that goes above and beyond what is generally done

Read more about the Outstanding Service Award and ACP Hall of Fame.

To nominate someone to receive the Leading with Integrity Award, complete the downloadable application or online form and submit it by October 31.