ACP Hall of Fame

This is an annual award based on nominations from ACP members.

An ACP member is honored with entry into the Hall of Fame because he or she has made a significant and notable contribution to the Catholic book publishing industry at any point in their career. Nominees may be current, past, or retired members of the publishing community. This honor may be given posthumously.

Read more about the Outstanding Service Award and the Leading with Integrity Award.

To nominate someone to be inducted into the ACP Hall of Fame, complete the downloadable application or online form and submit it by October 31.

2021 ACP Awards Ceremony

2021 Winners

Nancy Bird

Nancy Bird has worked for the Catholic Church and in Catholic publishing for 35 years. Currently, Bird serves as the Director for Training and Development for RCL Benziger since 2015. In her 23 years of service at RCL and RCL Benziger, she has shared her expertise in sales, as a workshop presenter, and as a national leader in the catechetical field. A catechist at heart, Bird engages catechists and catechetical leaders to support the Church’s mission in sharing the Good News. Her impact has been felt in the sales and marketing of key formational resources like Blest Are We (Silver Burdett Gin), Faith First and Faith First Legacy (RCL), Be My Disciples/Sean mis Discipulos (RCL Benziger) and Echoes of Faith Emmaus (RCL Benziger). She has made an impact on the next generation of leaders by imparting her skills and knowledge in training and developing others.

Dr. Elaine Rendler

Dr. Elaine Rendler-McQueeney is a nationally recognized musician, teacher, author, composer, pastoral liturgist and speaker. She holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) in organ performance, theory and liturgy from The Catholic University of America. She is associate professor of music theory at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. Dr. Rendler is perhaps best known as the editor of Today’s Liturgy, a quarterly magazine offering insightful articles and music suggestions to aid in liturgy preparation for more than 30 years. She is co-author of Celebrating Marriage, Revised Edition, an invaluable resource for those involved in the Roman Catholic Rite of Matrimony. Through her writing, Dr. Rendler has profoundly shaped the musical worship of the Church. She received the 2020 Jubilate Deo award from the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) in recognition of her substantial contribution to the development of pastoral liturgy in the United States. Additionally, Georgetown University’s Center for Liturgy bestowed upon Elaine the National Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Liturgical Life of the Church.

All Award Winners Members
Year Member

Nancy Bird
Dr. Elaine Rendler

Peter Dwyer--Outstanding Service
Mary Elizabeth Sperry--Outstanding Service


Tom McGrath
Tom Grady

Ruth Puls--Outstanding Service

2019 John Limb
Joe Durepos
Ed DeStefano
2018 Dan Mulhall

John Thomas
Cullen Schippe

Kevin Maguire--Outstanding Service


Greg Erlandson
Robert Gallagher


Peter Li
Jo Rotunno

Dave Island--Outstanding Service


Jim and Barbara Campbell
Bill Dinger

Paul Henderson--Outstanding Service


Maryann Nead
Linus Mundy

Sr. Mary Margaret Doorley--Outstanding Service


Mary Prete
Lauretta Santarossa

Jill Adamson--Outstanding Service

2010 Rev. Lawrence Boadt, CSP
Rev. George Lane, SJ
2009 Terry Wessels
2008 Sr. Edith Prendergast, RSC
2007 Mike Leach
2006 Fr. Jeremy Harrington
2005 John Wright
Frank Cunningham
Mark Twomey
2004 Edward Vessel
2003 Adrian Whitaker--Outstanding Service

Gabe Huck
Bob Heyer

John Huenefeld--Outstanding Service

2001 Fr. Michael Naughton
2000 Loretta Reif, Conference Services--Outstanding Service

Thomas M. Santa, CSsR
Thomas R. Artz
Lisa Biedenbach

1998 Charles E. Jones
Kevin A. Lynch, CSP
1997 Rob Stone

Tom Bruce
Frank J. Cunningham
Dan Juday
Tom McGrath
Gregory F. Augustine Pierce

1993 Robert Byrns
Harry J. Costello
Peter Dwyer
1990 Michael Glazier
Charles A. Roth