ACP Hall of Fame

An ACP member is honored with entry into the Hall of Fame because he or she has made a significant and notable contribution to the Catholic book publishing industry at any point in their career. Nominees may be current, past, or retired members of the publishing community. This honor may be given posthumously.

Read more about the Outstanding Service Award and the Leading with Integrity Award.

To nominate someone to be inducted into the ACP Hall of Fame, complete the downloadable application or online form and submit it by October 31.

2024 Winners

David Island

David Island followed his dreams into publishing and education after more than a decade as an ordained priest and teacher in South Dakota.  He moved to Cincinnati, OH, where he found his avocation in publishing, working for the World Library of Sacred Music. In the years that followed, Island managed several Catholic publishing companies and served as a consultant to religious publishers around the country. In 1983, he joined Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) as marketing manager. He helped OCP to grow to one of the largest publishing houses in the nation. Island retired from OCP in 2009, but continued to serve on its Parish Grant selection committee. He received the ACP’s Outstanding Service Award in 2015. He died in October 2023.

Mary Lou Paluch Rafferty

Mary Lou Paluch Rafferty is being honored because of her dedicated service to the Church including her support of vocations which has helped to form generations of Church leaders. Rafferty was the owner of the J.S. Paluch Company (JSP) and World Library Publications (WLP) for many years. Under her leadership, JSP/WLP pioneered the creation of the periodical parish worship resource with its flagship product, Seasonal Missalette, plus other multiple products designed to address the various needs of diverse parish communities. Over its history, WLP published thousands of resources for the singing, praying, and initiating Church, of which dozens were award-winning.

Joseph Sinasac

Joseph Sinasac has a long career in leadership in Catholic publishing in Canada, starting as publisher and editor of The Catholic Register from 1995 to 2009, the oldest English Catholic publication in Canada. From 2009-2023, Sinasac was publishing director of Novalis Publishing in Toronto. Novalis is the largest bilingual religious publisher in Canada and has been part of Bayard Presse since 2008. As the largest religious publisher in Canada, he has brought many Catholic authors to readers in both Canada and the United States. One of his most successful titles was shepherding the hugely successful publication on parish renewal by Rev. James Mallon, Divine Renovation. He has also been the publisher of the daily missal Living with Christ. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Catholic Media Association most recently as its Treasurer.

All Award Winners Members
Year Member

David Island
Mary Lou Paluch Rafferty
Joseph Sinasac


Terry Locke
Catherine Upchurch

Kimberly Bernard--Outstanding Service


Dan Connors
Anne Battes
Mary Beth Kunde-Anderson

Vinita Wright--Outstanding Service


Nancy Bird
Dr. Elaine Rendler

Peter Dwyer--Outstanding Service
Mary Elizabeth Sperry--Outstanding Service


Tom McGrath
Tom Grady

Ruth Puls--Outstanding Service

2019 John Limb
Joe Durepos
Ed DeStefano
2018 Dan Mulhall

John Thomas
Cullen Schippe

Kevin Maguire--Outstanding Service


Greg Erlandson
Robert Gallagher


Peter Li
Jo Rotunno

Dave Island--Outstanding Service


Jim and Barbara Campbell
Bill Dinger

Paul Henderson--Outstanding Service


Maryann Nead
Linus Mundy

Sr. Mary Margaret Doorley--Outstanding Service


Mary Prete
Lauretta Santarossa

Jill Adamson--Outstanding Service

2010 Rev. Lawrence Boadt, CSP
Rev. George Lane, SJ
2009 Terry Wessels
2008 Sr. Edith Prendergast, RSC
2007 Mike Leach
2006 Fr. Jeremy Harrington
2005 John Wright
Frank Cunningham
Mark Twomey
2004 Edward Vessel
2003 Adrian Whitaker--Outstanding Service

Gabe Huck
Bob Heyer

John Huenefeld--Outstanding Service

2001 Fr. Michael Naughton
2000 Loretta Reif, Conference Services--Outstanding Service

Thomas M. Santa, CSsR
Thomas R. Artz
Lisa Biedenbach

1998 Charles E. Jones
Kevin A. Lynch, CSP
1997 Rob Stone

Tom Bruce
Frank J. Cunningham
Dan Juday
Tom McGrath
Gregory F. Augustine Pierce

1993 Robert Byrns
Harry J. Costello
Peter Dwyer
1990 Michael Glazier
Charles A. Roth