Mastering Royalties Post-Publication to Drive Great Author Relationships 

Nurturing great relationships with authors is essential for long-term retention and the profitability of your business. Ensuring authors receive accurate royalties in a timely fashion is a key element. 

This webinar will delve into practical strategies and actionable tips, empowering publishers to build lasting relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and success. 

Building a D2C Community Through Effective Direct and Social Media Marketing Including Influencer Marketing

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Are Your Publishing Operations Secure? Strategies for Protecting Yourself, Your Employees and Your Authors

Security breaches are becoming more common, and when they happen, the damage both financially and to your reputation can be severe. From ransomware to system hacks, the vulnerabilities are numerous and growing. Yet the complexity of securing your organization can be daunting. In this session, two veteran industry thought leaders, Ken Brooks and David Marlin, will discuss several of your options for securing your business from cyber-attacks, and when and if security certification may make sense.

Backlist Revival

Backlist titles are often forgotten, with little or no marketing budget assigned. However, with the advent of BookTok and other social media campaigns, and with publishers putting more focus on DC2 eCommerce, “backlist sales” are fast becoming an invaluable revenue stream. Join the Supadu team as we run through tips for using your social and direct marketing channels, in conjunction with an effective website, to achieve an increase in backlist visibility and sales.

Presented by Sarah Arbuthnot, Commercial, Partnerships and Operations Director, Supadu

Slide Presentation

Guidelines for Catholic Writing on Jews and Judaism

Members of the Catholic Biblical Association will discuss common errors made about Jews and Judaism in Catholic publications. The presenters will share resources that provide concrete guidance on how to avoid these errors.


Outsourcing to a Third-Party Fulfillment Provider

Are you struggling with any aspect of distribution? Finding the right partner? Determining the right strategy? Are you curious about the benefits and drawbacks of 3PL (third-party logistics) vs. other distribution arrangements? Do you have concerns about your current provider and interested in alternative #PL distribution models? Join David Hetherington,Vice President – Global Business Development at Books International to hear his thoughts on these topics and more. After a short presentation, the bulk of the hour will be devoted to your questions and concerns, whether related to distribution or another issue within the supply chain.

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The Four Elements of Publishing ROI: Tools and Services to Optimize the Publishing Process

Joshua Tallent of Firebrand Technologies, David Marlin of MetaComet, and Richard Williams of IPG delve deeply into the return on investment to be found in adopting powerful publishing tools and best practices.     

By examining four main aspects of ROI (time savings, cost reduction, increased sales, and mitigation of risk), this webinar will offer real-life examples and tactical recommendations of where publishers can increase their bottom line by continually refining their publishing process. The decision to invest in software and systems can be daunting and it may often seem easier to stick with the status quo. You will leave this one-hour presentation with a better understanding of how you can add further value and ease to your process with tools that are designed specifically for the publishing industry.

How to Benefit from State-of-the-Art Product Life Cycle Management

Learn how the special "Klopotek Cloud for Editorial" offering can help you to manage your products in a more efficient way, to store images and related information in a Digital Asset Management system, to enter, enhance, and send metadata in ONIX 3.0, and to easily create marketing flyers and detailed reports. In this live demo, see how to benefit from a workflow-driven approach and an interface putting the user at the center of everything.

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The Great (and Ironic) Evangelizing Opportunity in Our Midst

We are experiencing a “different” kind of Easter Season . . . one filled with a myriad of deep, even existential, concerns. The Gospel urges us to see these issues (and all of human suffering) with the eyes of Christian faith and to recognize the overwhelming grace available amidst loss and grief. The Holy Spirit wants to break through and enflame in us a deepening conversion so that we can be conduits of hope and healing in the world. Let us explore our call to transformational (not transactional) lifestyle and ministry and how we build a Catholic pastoral culture that leans radically into Paschal Mystery. God is victorious over sin and death, even at 3 a.m. And, indeed, a new Pentecost is on the horizon!

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Faith Journals: Where Catholic Faith Leaders and Technology Can Meet and Collaborate

One of the biggest lessons of the pandemic is that there is technology available to help nurture and promote strong Catholic religious education and faith development for all ages. Faith-Journals has developed a product platform that allows parishes, schools, dioceses, and even publishers to collaborate with other leaders and parents and children as well. Esteban and Loli, our webinar speakers, will introduce this platform to you and show you new and more engaging ways to increase and improve the interaction among your faith community members, implement truly innovative programs, and renew a parish, school, or diocese’s life.

Download the PowerPoint presentation including poll results

Accelerate Revenue Growth by Eliminating Data Silos

Data silos occur when different departments within the same organization are using different data sources and/or tools to do their work, and the results significantly reduce profitable production and hurt growth.

In this webinar, publishing technology expert, Sebastian Mayeres, will explore ways publishers can eliminate harmful data silos that block revenue-growth opportunities.

Responding to Suicide: A Conversation with Deacon Ed Showner

Speaker: Deacon Ed Showner

Building Your Direct to Consumer Channel

Speaker: Jason Spanos, knk Software

Warehousing and Fulfillment Webinar: Evaluating Your Fulfillment Practices

Speakers: Mike Pacer and Jesse Ray, 5 Stones

I’ll Take Acronyms for $1000, Alex:
Who’s Who in Permissions for Catholic Publishing

PowerPoint Presentation

Coming Together: Two Reflections--"The Ghosts of Hate" and "The Reforming Power of the Gospel"

Letter to New Catholic from Deacon Art Miller

Resources from RCL Benziger

Anti-Racism resources from Sadlier

Coming Together: Talking with Kids and Teens about Racism

PowerPoint and Handouts

Surviving in a World that Says Information Just Wants to Be Free

Finding the balance between free or ultra-low-cost content and sustainability is a pressing challenge for publishers. This is a case study of how one publisher of books, a magazine and a journal for a professional association creates both membership and public value through its products.

Speaker: Teresa Brinati
Teresa Brinati is the Director of Publishing for the Society of American Archivists. She has worked in association book and periodical publishing for more than three decades. She is active in several professional development organizations including Association Media & Publishing and Association Forum, where she serves as chair of the Content Working Group.

Fulfillment and Inventory

This webinar discusses trends in fulfillment and inventory, including just-in-time print practices. Speakers: Dan Loomis, Director of Market Development, Omnipress; Rob Schmidt, Sales Representative, Royle Printing

Graphic Design Trends

This webinar will discuss trends in magazine graphic design. We may need to discuss this one a little further so we can understand what would be most helpful to the audience. Speakers Scott Oldham is Creative Director at GLC. Rob Schmidt is a sales representative with Royle Printing for over 30 years. Joe Stella is vice president of business development at GLC. Joe has been serving the association market for more than 12 years. 

Innovations in Print

This webinar will discuss the processes and technologies that publishers may not be aware of. These can range from specialized inks and paper for special issues to ways to economize and efficiencies. Speakers: Rob Scmidt, Dan Loomis

The Evolution of Work in Disruptive Times

It's truly fascinating given the ways in which COVID-19 has already accelerated and "upstaged" the present age of disruption.  Almost overnight, a huge segment of our economy needed to abruptly shift to virtual work.  It's truly fascinating given the ways in which COVID-19 has already accelerated and "upstaged" the present age of disruption.  Almost overnight, a huge segment of our economy needed to abruptly shift to virtual work.  he situation has progressed into waves of lay-offs, furloughs, amended business operations, losses of revenue, and an overall "battening of the hatches" to ride out the storm. Yet, at a certain point, no matter how much we say there are certain segments or our organizations and work we will simply "stop doing", the reality is as we adapt to what will likely be a long road to the newest version of "normalcy" work will need to be completed and we will need to become more resourceful, innovative, and creative in how we will get out work done through flexible, agile, and cost-effective means.

Previous Webinars
Doing Truth Online: Reshaping the Tenor of Catholic Conversation on Social Media 

We talk about best practices derived from the fields of negotiation and conflict science that can help us to influence the Catholic presence online in more healthy directions.

Building Community with Instagram

How do we effectively create community with Instagram--an image-focused platform rather than a text-based one?

Getting Your Staff Invested in the Financial Efficiency of Your Organization

What are the best practices for keeping employees “in the loop” and engaged in protecting your organization’s financial position.

Mobilizing Cell Phones in Evangelization

Learn how to use the ubiquitous cell phone as an effective tool for evangelization in the family, parish, school, and diocese.

Engaging Young People in the Church: Where Are the Key Points? (Part 2)

This topic will be addressed in two parts so that we can sufficiently cover both the underlying research and the pastoral implications of the most recent study of young people in the Church and where and how we can reach out to them. Leisa Anslinger will facilitate part two as we look at the implications of this research and try to address concretely what we can do.

Engaging Young People in the Church: Where Are the Key Points? (Part 1)

This topic will be addressed in two parts so that we can sufficiently cover both the underlying research and the pastoral implications of the most recent study of young people in the Church and where and how we can reach out to them. Part one starts with the data from the unprecedented report Going, Going, Gone: The Dynamics of Disaffiliation in Young Catholics, led by Bob McCarty, one of the principle authors. He will present an overview of the many and varied reasons for disaffiliation from the Church by those we commonly refer to as “nones.”

Using Facebook and Twitter Effectively: How to Monetize and Measure Its Effectiveness

The feeds of Facebook’s 234 million U.S. subscribers are constantly being viewed for updates and news. At the same time, Twitter’s 68 million U.S. followers practice the art of communicating in 280 characters. Most Catholic publishers have a presence in both of these media, but what are the benefits of all this activity? How do you measure what a “like” or a retweet means to your business? How do these media impact your sales? Or do they? In this session, we will examine how to use both media effectively, how to best measure the results, and how and where monetization makes sense.

Other webinars

Building Community with Instagram

Growing the Pie: An Exploration of the Revenue Models Available to Catholic Publishers

Best Practices for Managing a Publisher's Social Media Content and Presence

How Changing Demographics Could Transform Catholic Publishing