Promoting CatholicsRead

How to Promote CatholicsRead

Help us grow the CatholicsRead community. Use any the graphics below to encourage your customers to join the CatholicsRead community.

Here are some sugggested places and ways to use the CatholicsRead graphics.

  • Post a CatholicsRead promotional or "We Particicpate" graphic at your website
  • Include a CatholicsRead graphic in outgoing emails to your customers and prospects
  • Use CatholicsRead graphics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and at your other social media outlets
  • Ask your staff and authors to blog about CatholicsRead
  • NEW!! Add a CatholicsRead "stamp" to the books on your website that are listed on CatholicsRead
  • NEW!! Add #CatholicsRead or @CatholicsRead to your social media posts, especially those titles and authors featured on CatholicsRead

Link to Sign Up

Link any of the graphics to this URL address to invite friends and colleagues to join the CatholicsRead community through its email list:

A Very Special Request

We want to track our collective marketing efforts for CatholicsRead as it grows. Please include us as a recipient of your promotion through our email address (, Facebook account (/CatholicPublishers), and Twitter handle (@CatholicPubs).


We have 4 sets of graphics available for your use. To download graphics, click on the link and "Save as Picture."

  1. Promotional graphics
  2. "We Participate" graphics
  3. CatholicsRead graphic stamps
  4. CatholicsRead logos
Promotional Graphics

The promotional graphics have 3 different sets of text.

Join CatholicsRead Today!
300x250 px 350x250 px 600x150 px
600x150 px 728x90 px 728x90 px

Get the Best in Catholic Publishing
600x150 px 600x150 px

Your Faith. Your Books. Your Way. 

600x150 px

"We Participate" Graphics
300x250 px 350x250 px
728x90 px 728x90 px

CatholicsRead Graphic Stamps

Add one of these graphic stamps to the image at your website of your CatholicsRead titles. 

Stamp 1 Stamp 2
Stamp 3 Stamp 4
CatholicsRead Logos

Feel free to use the following versions of the CatholicsRead logo as your promote CatholicsRead. Please link any uses of the CatholicsRead logo to