Interview with Charles Camosy, Author of "Resisting Throwaway Culture"

Posted By: Therese Brown ACP Member News, Awards,

Watch and listen to the interview with Dr. Charles Camosy, author of the ACP Excellence in Publishing Award's 2020 "Resource of the Year" -- Resisting Throwaway Culture: How a Consistent Ethic of Life Can United a Fractured People.

The interview covered a variety of issues, but focused strongly on the need for embodied encounter among people, especially under the current quarantine/stay-at-home life that we have been living.

One of the overarching principles that Dr. Camosy emphasized is that once you identify your values, you follow where that takes you. To bring diverse groups together, the place to start is by identifying the values that they share, then following those values where they will logically lead.

Questions included:

  1. How do you break through the exhaustion that the polarization in our culture has overwhelmed so many in our society and find the hope that you write about?
  2. What are the greatest challenges to finding that unity that many are hungry for?
  3. A Consistent Life Ethic is not a new concept, especially in Catholic teaching. What are the more intransigent obstacles to making it real? What are the "low hanging fruit" that we can reach for to embrace CLE more?
  4. If you were facilitating a conversation between "pro-life conservatives" and "social justice liberals," where would the overlap between the two be? How would you lay the groundwork for a productive conversation?
  5. Why are these discussions of throwaway culture and polarization so much more relevant today than in the past? What is the crossroads or crisis are we heading toward for which we need to better prepare ourselves?

Plus other questions from the participants that addressed pastoral applications of the book's foundational principles.