Association Approves Tools to Be More Responsive in a Post-Pandemic World

Posted By: Therese Brown ACP Member News,

BALTIMORE, MD — The members of the Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) unanimously approved detailed changes to its bylaws in March 2021 to be more responsive to the expected changes in a post-pandemic environment.

Bylaw changes reflect the following:

  • ACP’s deepening focus on its core values and mission
  • The addition and growth of activities that support ACP members
  • The increasing need to make decisions and responses more quickly in this rapidly changing religious and business environment

“The pandemic highlighted how quickly the publishing and Church environment are changing,” stated executive director Therese Brown. “These bylaw changes give us the structure to be more effective because we can be more responsive to these and future changes so that we can support the near and long-term future emerging in the parishes, schools, and dioceses.”

The Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) is a membership organization of Catholic publishers, those who provide services to Catholic publishers, individuals who work with Catholic publishers, publishing content creators, and students. The ACP provides opportunities for members to further the Catholic publishing industry, promote Catholic publishing and reading, and engage those they interact with including retailers, pastoral leaders, individual customers, and staff.