ACP Announces CatholicsRead, New Initiative to Engage Catholics in Reading Best Catholic Content

Posted By: Therese Brown ACP Member News, CatholicsRead,

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BALTIMORE, MD — CatholicsRead is the latest initiative by the Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) to reach a broad, “person in the pew” Catholic audience and promote the best in Catholic publishing.

“The appeal of CatholicsRead is twofold,” explained executive director Therese Brown. “CatholicsRead offers a convenient, credible, and cost-effective source of high-quality Catholic resources delivered by email. It also brings together in one place—through the emails and at the CatholicsRead website—titles from a wide variety of sources, a ‘one-stop’ approach to finding the best in Catholic publishing.”

As a benefit of membership, ACP publishers will initially be the only source of titles for CatholicsRead ranging in categories from children’s books to theology. The initiative will eventually expand to include non-members as submitters. Additional information for publishers is available at the CatholicsRead website.

Advertising will also provide a means for ACP member and non-member publishers to get acquainted with CatholicsRead and share their titles with community members.

The Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) is a membership organization of Catholic publishers, those who provide services to Catholic publishers, and individuals who work with Catholic publishers. The ACP provides opportunities for members to further the Catholic publishing industry, promote Catholic publishing and reading, and engage those they interact with, including retailers, pastoral leaders, individual customers, and staff.