ACP Announces Winners of the 2019 “Excellence in Publishing Awards”

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Book of the Year Proverbs by Alice Ogden Bellis Described as Inspiring, Compelling 

BALTIMORE, MD — The Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Excellence in Publishing Awards. A record number of titles were submitted partially because of the addition of three music categories.

First, second, and third place honors were awarded to publishers and authors of the best Catholic content in 16 categories—Biography, Children’s Books: Young Readers, Children’s Books: Picture Books, Children’s Books: Teens, General Interest, Inspirational, Music: Distinguished Catholic Composer of the Year, Music: Mass Setting, Music: Song of the Year, Prayer, Resources for Liturgy, Resources for Ministry, Scripture, Spanish, Spirituality, and Theology. The “Book of the Year” is chosen from among the first-place finishers of the 16 categories. First place only is awarded in categories where there was a small number of entries.

From the Scripture category, Proverbs by Alice Ogden Bellis (published by Liturgical Press) took the top honor. Judges commented that this book adds “significant diversity to the market of biblical commentaries” and is “a huge undertaking, taking the next step in writing that updates all of the earlier work on biblical research from a feminist point of view.” They noted that the volume was greatly enhanced by extra features on topics like “Translation Matters” and “Excursus.”

Other category winners were noted for the depth of contribution to the category, the beauty of the writing, and the value for individual and small group use. Of the 30 award-winning titles and 13 total winning publishers, Liturgical Press led the way with 7 winners, followed by 3 publishers with 3 and 5 publishers with 2.

The winners by category are:


  1. Raymond E. Brown and the Catholic Biblical Renewal by Donald Senior, CP; foreward by Ronald D. Witherup, PSS (Paulist Press)


Children: Younger Readers

  1. Padre Pio: Saint for Reconciliation by Barbara Yoffie, illustrated by Jeff Elbrecht (Liguori Publications)


Children's Books: Picture Book 

  1. Staircase for the Sisters: A Story of Prayer and Saint Joseph by Pamela Love; illustrated by John Joseph (Pauline Books and Media)


Children's Books: Teens

  1. Follow by Katie Prejean McGrady (Ave Maria Press)


General Interest

  1. Grieving Together by Laura and Franco Fanucci (Our Sunday Visitor)
  2. Unworried by Dr. Gregory Popcak (Our Sunday Visitor)
  3. The Scandal of Redemption: When God Liberates the Poor, Saves Sinners, and Heals Nations by Oscar Romero (Plough Publishing)



  1. Sharing the Wisdom of Time by Pope Francis and Friends (Loyola Press)
  2. Gratefulness by Susan Muto (Ave Maria Press)
  3. Plan of Life: Habits to Help You Grow Closer to God by Roger J. Landry (Pauline Books and Media)


Music: Distinguished Catholic Music Composer of the Year

  1. Alan J. Hommerding (World Library Publications)


Music: Distinguished Mass Setting

  1. Mass of St. Matthias by Francis Patrick O'Brien (World Library Publications)


Music: Song of the Year

  1. Rise Again by Christian Cosas (World Library Publications)



  1. To Dare the Our Father by John Shea (Liturgical Press)
  2. An Invitation to Love by William A. Barry, SJ (Loyola Press)
  3. Rejoice: Advent Meditations with Mary by Fr. Mark Toups (Ascension Press)


Resources for Liturgy

  1. God's Good Earth by Anne and Jeffrey Rowthorn (Liturgical Press)


Resources for Ministry

  1. (tied) Salt and Light: Church, Disability, and the Blessing of Welcome to All by Maureen Pratt (Twenty-Third Publications)
  2. (tied) The Church Rocks! A History of the Catholic Church for Kids and their Parents and Teachers by Mary Lea Hill, FSP (Pauline Books and Media)
  3. Quick Catholic Lessons with Fr. Mike by Colin Maciver (Ascension Press)



  1. Proverbs by Alice Ogden Bellis (Liturgical Press)
  2. O Lord, Open My Lips, The Psalms in the Liturgy by Dianne Bergant, CSA (Liturgy Training Publications)
  3. Threshold Bible Study Series -- Peacemaking and Non-Violence by Stephen J. Binz (Twenty-Third Publications)



  1. Misal Romano: Tercera edición: Edición para el Altar by USCCB (Liturgical Press)



  1. Richard Rohr: Essential Teachings on Love by Richard Rohr; edited by Joelle Chase and Judy Traeger (Orbis Books)
  2. Boundless Compassion by Joyce Rupp (Ave Maria Press)
  3. Surrender to Christ for Mission edited by Philip Sheldrake (Liturgical Press)



  1. Stumbling in Holiness by Brian P. Flanagan (Liturgical Press)
  2. Is This All There Is? by Gerhard Lohfink, translated by Linda M. Maloney (Liturgical Press)
  3. Creation and the Cross by Elizabeth A. Johnson (Orbis Books)


Each category was judged by a three-person panel, which reviewed and evaluated the entries. A brief explanation of each category can be found at

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