Homeschooling Resources

Adoremus Books

Adoremus Books (Latin for "Let Us Adore!”) carries a broad selection of top quality books and resources designed to enrich your Catholic home.

Alan Jemison

Music Provider of traditional music for Catholic homeschoolers: piano instruction program, traditional Catholic hymns and liturgical music.

Arma Dei

Offering carefully-crafted Catholic products intended to help celebrate our rich Tradition and Faith. Quality catechism and prayer-based books, paper craft kits, collector cards, playing cards, and quizzing cards are great educational tools and gifts for home, school, or parish.

Arx Publishing

Arx Publishing gives a voice to authors whose books uphold traditional Catholic values and promote the Culture of Life. Specializing in new historical fiction for young adults, Arx also publishes poetry, high fantasy fiction, devotional, and scholarly works.

Ascension Press

Publishers of Catholic charts, Friendly Defender cards and more.

Bethlehem Books

Wonderful collection of "living history” books, some reprinted and they are organized by time period


Catholic owned business that offers online writing courses and a discussion group.

By Way of the Family

Has some of the best prices for books

Byzantine Seminary Press

Specializing in eastern liturgical, catechetical, and home needs form the Byzantine Catholic Archdiocese of Pittsburgh.

Catechetical Resource

Includes information, forums and purchasing for Image of God and Faith and Life

Catholic Heritage Curricula

Includes lessons plans, Year with God, Behold and See and many other self published material

Chesterton Press

Chesterton Press is the publisher and distributor of quality Catholic fiction written or edited by Catholic mom, Regina Doman, author of Angel in the Waters and the Fairy Tale Novels, hailed by a number of parents as an alternative to thetrend of paranormal books for teens.

Chronicles of Xan

New books series by Catholic homeschool author

Coronae Rosarum

Coronae Rosarum Publications offers Catholic Enrichmentfor Parish programs, Catholic schools, and Homeschooling families, using beautiful artwork and age-appropriate texts that supplement any catechetical program. Heroes of Grace–on Saints, Virtues, and Devotions based on the current liturgical year (Sept.-May)–is available in a variety of formats. The Week of Graces, a Catholic Summer Program (VBS) with 20 years’ success for hundreds of children ages 5-12, uses beautiful art, dignified crafts, puzzles, prayers, songs, skits, and special events to inspire them to love their faith (choice of five curricula, including this year’s Opening the Door of Faith on the Holy Year of Faith 2013). CR also creates custom hand-made rosaries and religious jewelry.

Corps of Re-Discovery

Catholic owned business with a wonderful collection of hands on crafts and activities, books and more related especially to the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Courtship Now

Catholic fictions for teens that promotes chastity and purity.

Donna Corigibson

Contemporary Catholic Music that explains the Faith. Word for word sung prayers from scripture and the Saints to make for easy memorization. Also, a sung Musical Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Ecce Homo Press

A self publisher of materials including Glory of America series, Little Flower and Blue Knight resources

El Camino Real (The Real Road)

Catholic books for feast days, crafts, cross stitch and more

Emmanuel Books

A large, well established Catholic homeschool supplies business featuring Mother of Divine Grace material

EWTN Global Catholic Network

EWTN Global Catholic Network, in its 32nd year, is the world’s largest media network, offering messages of inspiration, comfort, hope, &faith for the entire family. EWTN presents live call-in talk shows, informative teaching series, inspiring dramas & documentaries, daily devotions, & live Catholic Church and Papal events.

Faith Database

The Faith Database is a CD/ROM that provides access to over ten Bible translations, a Greek Bible, papal encyclicals, writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, the Catholic Encyclopedia, over 1,500 books by famous Christian writers, Church history, Bible art, maps, and much more! The Faith Database is completely searchable, printable, and portable (PDA) ?? everything is linked together for instant research of any faith topic.

Fisher More Academy and College

Fisher More Academy offers very affordable Catholic online educational programs for students at three levels: Elementary School (grades 4-6), Junior High School (grades 7-8), and High School (grades 9-12). In addition, programs are available for delivery to specific educational groups (such as homeschool cooperatives) and educational institutions. Fisher More also offers concurrent enrollment with Fisher More College to appropriately qualified students.

Hillside Education

Our mission is to publish quality literature study guides with a distinctly Catholic perspective. Language arts and liturgical year resources; Catholic homeschool magazine; latin mass liturgical magazine.

Holy Family Resources

Apostolate dedicated to education and evangelization, offering a wide variety of wholesome and orthodox books, CDs, and DVDs for adults, teens, and children. Materials focus on family life, prayer, spirituality, and Church Teaching.

Holy Heroes

Holy Heroes provides materials to help you bring "the joy of the Faith to your families.” Flagship products include Glory Stories (heard on EWTN Global Catholic Radio and many local stations), Holy Heroes devotional CDs (such as the Holy Rosary, Stations of the Cross, and Best-Loved Catholic Prayers), and The Altar Gang. Free online "adventures” led by kids for kids are also available on our website, with over 10,000 families having participated in their most recent "Lenten Adventure.”

Homeschool Connections

Homeschool Connections is a Catholic online curriculum provider, bringing the best Catholic instructors to you from around the world. Answering Blessed Pope John Paul II’s call to the New Evangelization, Homeschool Connections uses the latest technology to give you live, interactive classes; independent-learning classes; free webinars for Catholic parents; and the Catholic History Video Project.

Ignatius Press

Wide range of Catholic religious books

Illuminated Ink

Illuminated Ink© (formerly known as Art Angels©) is a small Catholic company that is dedicated to developing, designing, and producing high-quality Catholic educational materials for children all over the world.

JMJ Pilgrim

Our children’s books are designed to assist families with raising Christ centered children. We take difficult concepts of our Faith and present them in a fun and meaningful way. Donna also wrote a pre-teen novel teaching social justice. Rosemarie co-authored a book of inspirational short stories and several magazine articles.

Keller Books

Joyful purveyors of vintage children’s and traditional Catholic books. A Catholic homeschool family with 10 children, we buy/sell books that enrich, nurture, and inspire.

Kolbe Academy Homeschool

Kolbe Academy Homeschool provides curriculum and books that are CATHOLIC – loyal to the Magisterium, CLASSICAL in approach, IGNATIAN in method, and FLEXIBLE in practice.

Lighthouse Catholic Media

Lighthouse Catholic Media produces and distributes educational and motivational talks on CDs. Its stated mission is to encourage Catholics to use media to help family and friends discover and rediscover truths of the Catholic Faith and come to the fullness of truth.

Little Flowers Family Apostolate

We are a home-based, family-run apostolate and publisher. We provide unique Catholi tools who are searching for just the right item to teach or learn the Faith, gifts for Sacraments, literature that is good for the mind and soul and solid Catholic materials to pass the Faith on to their children.


Magis Center of Reason and Faith/Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America(CAINA)

Fr. Robert Spitzer’s "Magis Center of Reason and Faith” and the "Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America(CAINA)” provide programs and resources to help erase doubts about God’s existence, Jesus’ divinity, etc., and to educate Catholics to meet challenges to faith from our increasingly secular society.

Making Music Praying Twice

Our company, Making Music Praying Twice, music and movement for the Catholic child, has recently released a homeschool music education curriculum.

Mary’s Book

Is republishing the series Dujarie Press Saints and Famous Catholics Biographies in paperback as well as offering new and used Catholic books.

Mater et magistra Magazine

Quarterly magazine with topics of interest to Catholic homeschoolers.

Michele Quigley/The Catholic Daily Planner

Featuring the Catholic Daily Planner Liturgical & Appointment Planner. A useful, annual resource designed to help you live your Faith and order your life every day. Also available are lesson planners, menu planners and nature journals.

Missionary Childhood Association

The Missionary Childhood Association is an organization that tries to get students involved in missionary activities and develop a missionary spirit within their classroom/homeschool group. We provide curriculum supplements for existing homeschool programs which provide families with materials to learn about families and students in other countries, as well as activities that they can do. We are a pontifical organization which our bishop, Bishop Loverde, is trying to implement in all of the schools and homeschool groups in the diocese.

Mother of Divine Grace School

Mother of Divine Grace School offers a Catholic, classical approach to homeschooling. We want to meet the needs of each individual family, and we ralize that these needs will vary from family to family. Our consultants, teachers, lesson plans, materials, standardized testing, and assessments can provide families with clear educational goals, the appropriate level of support, as well as the needed structure and flexibilty.

My Catholic Faith Delivered

We strive to combine the finest catechetical courses/programs with state-of-the-art, interactive technology, as Pope Benedict has encouraged us to do in his recent World Communications Days addresses. We now offer for this fall the Faith and Life series in an online format. It has everything that the book version has, but so much more to engage the children! We also have three years of the Didache high school series ready as well.

Offering Ignatius Press’ "Faith and Life”, MTF’s Didache series, and our own FaithFoundations course, our online courses bring the text to life with Pre and Post assessments voice overs, games, video prayers, and Steve Ray’s "Footprints of Christ”, your children will learn the Faith and retain the information like never before.

Navis Pictures

Navis Pictures produces beautiful Catholic family films designed to inspire, educate, and entertain all ages. Their "St. Bernadette of Lourdes” has been broadcast world-wide on EWTN, and their 2nd film, "The War of the Vendee” won "Best Film for Young Audiences” from a Vatican Film Festival. Their newest DVD is "How to Make a Movie”.

Our Father’s House

Includes "Sound Beginnings” a Catholic reading, spelling and handwriting program as well as a beautiful miniature mass set.

Our Lady of Victory School

Since 1977, OLVS has been providing Roman Catholic homeschooling curriculum and publishing our very own line of textbooks (LEPANTO PRESS). The curriculum (including daily lesson plans) used in our homeschooling program is well organized, doctrinally sound and very affordable.

Pauline Books & Media

In our children’s line, we publish books parents can trust. You can rest assured that Pauline Books & Media editions present solid Christian values with a Catholic perspective. Our pre-school and primary books make it easy for parents and teachers to introduce younger children to important aspects of the Faith.

Pro Multis Media

Inspiring Presentations for Extraordinary Catholics.

Quiet Waters Production

They produce and sell Little Flowers badges, sashes, music and now the Learn Spanish with Grace! series of products.

Resource Connection to History

Includes a variety of Catholic sources for teaching history including a Catholic world timeline, and Connecting With History a history-based unit study published by RC History.

Roman Catholic Catechism

We offer E-Copybooks and Audio Catechism CDs.

Sacred Heart Books

We are a family owned apostolate bookstore, dedicated to our Lord and Lady. We focus on serving the family by providing discounts on a majority of our products year round. We offer 1000′s of homeschool and Catholic books and items for all styles of learning. We are now the exclusive retailer of Catholc Heritage Curriculum.

Seton Home Study School

Seton is a full-service Catholic curriculum provider and the largest publisher of Catholic textbooks in the English language. Serving around 15,000 enrolled students, Seton assists families by providing books, lesson plans, grading services, counseling services, and a wealth of online resources. At the conference, we are offering a $30 per child discount on enrollment (grades 1-12), and this year we have a book buy-back program to replenish the supply of used books we sell inexpensively at the IHM National Conference.

Sophia Institute for Teachers

Sophia Institute seeks to nurture the spiritual, moral, and cultural life of souls and to spread the Gospel of Christ in conformity with the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church. We fulfill this mission by offering translations, reprints, and new publications that afford readers a rich source of the enduring wisdom of mankind. In 2014, we launched Sophia Institute for Teachers to renew and rebuild Catholic culture through service to Catholic education. With an abiding respect for the role and work of teachers, we provide materials and programs that are at once enlightening to the mind and ennobling to the heart; faithful and complete, as well as useful and practical."

St. Augustine Academy Press

At St. Augustine Academy Press, we believe that what children read really matters. To meet this need, we offer classic out-of-print titles portryaing Catholic virtues that both children and parents will love. We also specialize in reprinting the work of Mother Mary Loyola, author of The King of the Golden City, so that a new generation may benefit from the strength of her catechetical work as well as her unique insight into the truths of our Faith.

St. George Catholic Books

In March of this year RC History began a merger with St. George Books and Gifts, a local Catholic bookstore. By joining forces we believe that we can serve our customers more efficiently. All of the materials that have been on the RC History website can be found on the new site as well as hundreds of more items in every subject area.

Stone Tablet Press

Teach your children to read with the Little Angel Reader Catholic phonics program. Readers and workbooks use proven teaching methods, and include Catholic, Bible, saint stories along with child-appealing folktales and family stories. Over 90 phonograms taught with plenty of practice, grades K-2.

Suffering Servant Scriptorium

Prayer books and CDs.

TAN Books – Saint Benedict Press

Saint Benedict Press, founded in 2006, is the parent company for a variety of imprints including TAN Books, Catholic Courses, Benedict Bibles and Benedict Books. The company’s name pays homage to the guiding influence of the Rule of Saint Benedict and the Benedictine monks of Belmont Abbey, North Carolina, just a short distance from the company’s headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Saint Benedict Press isnow a multi-media company. Its mission is to publish and distribute products reflective of the Catholic intellectual tradition and to present these products in an attractive and accessible manner.

Usborne Books

The future of our world depends on the education of our children. We deliver educational excellence one book at a time. We promote economic opportunity while fostering strong family values. We touch the lives of children for a lifetime.

Write Guide

Catholic owned company that works with Regina Coeli and St. Thomas Aquinas. Provides individualized writing courses for homeschoolers.