Building Community in a Remote/In-Person Work Environment

Why We Are Doing This

The last two years have been a challenge for everyone personally and professionally. One of the hardest challenges has been re-creating that sense of community that so many of us experience in our work places. While Zoom and other online applications made it easier to see each other and be together virtually, there was still something missing.

Virtual meetings and remote work are here to stay. As long as working in a shared community of like-minded and spirit-filled people is important to us, we want to find ways to nurture that sense of community we came to know and love in pre-pandemic days.

So, how do we build community in this new era and environment?

What We Are Doing Together

e are collecting stories, insights, lessons learned about trying to build or maintain a sense of community while working remotely, in-person, or in a mixed work environment during the past two years. 

We are inviting all of our members--those attending the 2022 ACP Membership Meeting and those who are unable to be physically present with us--to contribute to this effort.

Please feel free to respond to any or all of the questions. This survey tool will be available through Friday, June 10.

This feedback will be compiled (anonymously) and developed into a "white paper"/report to the ACP membership after this meeting.

Use the link above and below or scan the QR code to share your response at your convenience.