Advocacy & Collaborating with the USCCB Committee on the Catechism

On behalf of the ACP curriculum and catechetical publishers

The ACP has been in an ongoing conversation with the USCCB Subcommittee on the Catechism which is responsible for how the Catechism is used in curricula and catechetical resources throughout the United States.

Led by vice president Mike Raffio, a work group of representatives from Loyola Press, Our Sunday Visitor, Pflaum Publishing Group, RCL Benziger, Saint Mary's Press, Sophia Institute, Veritas, and William H. Sadlier has met separtely and with Bishop Frank Caggiano, chair of the Subcommittee, to discuss how to evolve the conformity review process so that it meets the needs of publishers and the Subcommittee. 

Here are notes from the latest work between the ACP work group and the Subcommittee.

  • Bishop Caggiano announced that our concerns had been heard and that there would not be a "pause" in the conformity review process as a new method was instituted.
  • The subcommittee's expedited review process includes the following.
    • Reducing the reviewers from three to one
    • Publisher responsibility for payment to reviewers
    • Maximum three month process (reduced from 9+ months.)
  • Bishops are open to expanding the initial reviewer pool at a later date.