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Excellence in Publishing Awards
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The goal of the "Excellence in Publishing Awards" is to recognize the best in Catholic publishing.

We recognize the first, second, and third place winners in the following categories:

In addition, the "Book of the Year" is selected from among the first-place winners in the above categories.

Cost: $195 per entry (ACP Members); $225 per entry (Non-ACP Members). Publishers may submit multiple books. Publishers who are Foundation Members at the time of submission will receive one free submission for every paid submission.

Entries may be submitted using the printed or online form.

Payment may also be submitted online: ACP Members or Non-ACP Members

How Many Books: Please send three (3) copies of each title that you are submitting.

Time Frame: The deadline for submitting books is Friday, January 27, 2018. Books must have a copyright date of the previous year. Finalists will be announced in late March. Winners will be announced at the end of May.

  • Each category will have a three-person judging panel.
  • Judges will come from former industry employees and professional associations, or are "practitioners” of ministry.
  • A special effort will be made towards ensuring as diverse a judging pool as possible.

Category Descriptions


Books in this category include biographies or autobiographies of Catholics whose work has made a valuable contribution to the Church and the world on a local level (through a ministry, e.g.) or a universal level (as a member of the Church’s hierarchy, e.g.) or whose example, teachings, or writings enrich Catholic spirituality and have had a wide-reaching influence.

Children’s Books

Books in this category are primarily written for children and youth up to age 18. These titles may provide instruction on specific aspects or general information about the Catholic faith, the Church, or Catholicism; may be heavily illustrated. This category does not include resources for preparation for specific sacraments.

General Interest

Books in this category include biographies, Church history, collections of essays by theologians or important Catholic thinkers; books related to papal encyclicals or other Church documents; books that instruct readers on specific aspects of the faith or provide general information about the Catholic faith, the Church, or other aspects of Catholicism; books that connect an element or theme from popular culture to prayer or faith; and books on a wide-ranging variety of topics, rooted in faith, such as books on death and dying from a Catholic perspective, parenting books, and so forth.


This category includes devotional, spiritual, and meditation books and books on saints, holy people, and stories related to people living their faith. Unlike books on similar subjects in the general interest category, books in this group are intended to provide readers with guidance and inspiration that can compel them to make positive changes in their lives that will draw them closer to their faith and to God.

Prayer and Spirituality

These books are centered on prayer or spiritual reflection, and include any theme for organizing and presenting such content. Examples include praying with Scripture, 365 days of prayers, praying with the saints, books on lectio divina, spiritual reflections based on the writings of a saint(s), as well as books that encourage journaling as a way to pray, reflect, and grow in faith.

Resources for Liturgy

This category includes any book that serves as a formation and preparation tools in parish or school ministry for sacrament preparation, liturgy, and worship. Examples of books and products in this category include Liturgy Training Publications’ Guide for Cantors, lector training resources, and sacramental preparation.

Resources for Ministry

This category includes any book that serves as a faith formation tool in parish ministry for catechesis (other than basal programs), adult faith formation, and for use in enrichment programs. Also included are resources for parish ministers. Examples of books and products in this category include Loyola’s The Catechist’s Toolbox, OSV’s Faith Fusion, and RCL’s Foundations in Faith RCIA program. Basal religion programs are excluded from this category.


This category includes books about Scripture, whether scholarly treatments of particular books or collections of books of the Bible, in the vein of Raymond Brown’s An Introduction to the New Testament or Daniel Harrington’s Interpreting the New Testament. Books that provide guided meditations using Scripture or that follow a "praying with Scripture” format are excluded, as these would be a part of the prayer and spirituality category. Bibles are excluded from this category.


This category includes books from any awards category (inspiration, biography, prayer and spirituality, etc.) originally published in Spanish for the U.S. market. Examples include Scripture study texts, biographies (of Hispanic or non-Hispanic figures), books on prayer or spiritual reflection, liturgy resources, and books for parish ministry.


This category includes books on the topic of Catholic theology, whether scholarly monographs or more popular treatments of theological aspects of Catholic teaching on, for example, the sacraments, the nature of the Church, etc. Books that are more specifically catechetical in nature belong more properly in the "Resources for Ministry” category or basal curriculum category.

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