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Sessions by Track
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This year, the Master Classes and Breakout Sessions have been subdivided into 15 tracks to better help participants as they decide which sessions to attend. Sessions are open to all attendees.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the session is presented in Spanish.

Administration and Management (Parish Track)
Diocesan Track
Family Life
Finance and Stewardship (Parish Track)
Life and Dignity of the Human Person
Pastoral Care
Pastoral Leadership
Prayer and Spirituality
Priestly Life and Ministry
Schools/Catholic Education
Young Adult Ministry
Youth Ministry

#Administration and Management (Parish Track)
1.3, Best Practices for Developing and Implementing Parish Personnel Policies (Carol Fowler)
2.2, All On the Same Team: Successful Approaches for Managing Relationships Between Pastor, Parish Staff, and Advisory Councils (Dennis Corcoran)
3.3, Passive Aggressive or Just Plain Aggressive?: Successful Approaches for Managing Conflict in the Ministerial Workplace (Carol Fowler)
4.3, Taking People from Where They Are to Where They Can Go: Coaching as a Valuable & Underutilized Leadership Resource in the Church (Dominic Perri)
6.2, Intensive Session for Parish Leaders (Dennis Corcoran, Carol Fowler, Peter Denio)

1.4, The Intoxicating Experience of Encountering Christ (Joe Paprocki)
3.5, Adult Faith Formation: A Plan for Parishes (Matthew Pinto)
3.6, Where Do We Meet Jesus? (Msgr. Peter Vaghi)
4.4, St. Francis of Assisi’s Vision to Rebuild the Church and Repair the City (Msgr. Charles Murphy)
5.1, Evangelization, Faith Formation, and the RCIA (Mary Birmingham
5.2, Catechist as Disciple (Donna Glaser)
5.3*, Transmitiendo la Fe Católica a la Segunda Generación en la Familia (Jose Amaya)
6.3*, Misión del Catequista (Sori Govin)

1.5, Integration of Digital Media into Adult Faith Formation (John and Helen Osman)
2.4, Mainstream Media in the Classroom (Sr. Rose Pacatte)
4.5, Getting Your Message Out through Social Media (Meredith Gould)
6.4, Digital Safety Guide for Catholic Adults (Helen Osman)

#Diocesan Track
1.1, Effective Internal and External Diocesan Communications (Dominic Perri)
2.1, Innovative Governance and Financial Models for Sustainable Catholic School Systems (John Eriksen)
3.1, Knowing When to Lead and When to Manage (Dominic Perri and Paul Henderson)
4.1, Investing Church Funds Wisely, Ethically, and Effectively (Brian Hughes and John Eriksen)
6.1, Intensive Session for Diocesan Leaders (Dominic Perri, Kerry Robinson, John Eriksen, Michael Brough)

#Family Life
1.6, Marital Spirituality: Keys for Growth and Happiness (John Bosio)
2.5, Ministry with Young Marrieds (Roy Petitfils)
2.6, Six Ignatian Rules for Families (Tim and Sue Muldoon)
5.4, Saints and the Family (Barb Yoffie)
5.5*, La familia Latina como testigo de fe (Dulce Jimenez-Abreu)

#Finance and Stewardship (Parish Track)
1.2, Dollars and Sense: Best Practices for Developing and Managing a Parish Budget (Dennis Corcoran)
2.3, How to Ask For Money: Best Practices in Parish Fundraising and Stewardship (Kerry Robinson)
3.2, Transparency and Accountability: Best Practices for Financial Reporting for Parishes (Peter Denio)
4.2, Counting the Beans or Planting Seeds? Best Practices for Parish Finance Councils (Dennis Corcoran)

#Life and Dignity of the Human Person
1.7, Living the Beatitudes in a Technological Society (Patty Vrabel)
3.7, The True Cost of Low Prices: Globalization and Catholic Social Teaching (Jeffry Korgen)
5.6, Where Do I Find Hope? Poverty in America and the Catholic Response (Dennis Murphy)
6.6, Integrating Service and Justice Into Faith Formation Programs (Michael Jordan Laskey)

#Pastoral Care
1.8, Faith, Family and the Church for Families with Special Needs (David Rizzo)
3.8, How the Catholic Church Supports the Rights of the Disabled (Dr. Nancy Thompson)
4.6, Welcoming Wounded Warriors Home (Mark Moitoza)
5.7, The Bible in Parish Life and Ministry (Mary Elizabeth Sperry)

#Pastoral Leadership
1.9, Changing Business as Usual: The New Evangelization through Collaboration (Fr. Frank Donio and Barbara McCrabb )
1.12, Stepping to Re-Learn the Grammar of the Christian Faith (Hosffman Ospino)
2.7, The Liturgical-Pastoral-Musical Judgments: A Guide for Pastoral Musicians (David Haas)
4.7, Creating a Culture of Witness in the Parish (Sr. Theresa Rickard, OP)
5.8*, La justica brota de la fe. Formación en la doctrina social católica (Manuel Hernandez)
6.8, Go and Tell: Small Christian Communities: New Evangelization from the Inside-Out (Sr. Marie Cooper)

#Prayer and Spirituality
2.8, Renewing the Spiritual Health of Liturgical Ministers (Marty Haugen)
3.4, The Exciting World of Lectio Divina (Alicia DeFrange)
3.12, Called to Witness (ValLimar Jansen)
4.8, The Ministry of Sung Prayer in Times of Crisis and Pain (David Haas)
5.9, Beyond the Singing: Are We Engaged in the Message of Christ? (Lori True)
6.5*, El apasionante mundo de la Lectio Divina (Mario Paredes)
6.7, The Power of Daily Prayer (Bert Ghezzi)
6.9, Saved by Beauty: The Life and Legacy of Dorothy Day (Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS)

#Priestly Life and Ministry
2.9, A New Paradigm for Leadership in the New Evangelization (Rev. David Fulton)
2.10, Ecclesia: The Church as a Movement Today (Rev. Michael White and Tom Corcoran )
3.9, Practical Ecumenism (Rev. Tom Ryan)
4.9, Preaching the Mystery of Faith: The Sunday homily, and the New Evangelization (Rev. Thomas Hurst, S.S.)
5.10, Priests and Youth and Young Adult Ministry (Rev. William Byrne)

#Schools/Catholic Education
2.11, Schools (Dr. Karen Ristau)
4.10, Linking Assessment and Growth in Faith (Anne Battes
5.11, The Catechist/Catholic School Teacher as Living Witness of Faith (Steven Ellair)
5.12, Catholic Schools: Agencies of Formative Support for Parents (Dr. Patricia M. McCormack, IHM)
6.10, Implementing and Teaching the Bishops’ Framework: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Tim McMonagle)

1.10, Believe, Celebrate, Live the Eucharist (Jerry Galipeau, DMin)
1.11, Liturgy and the Eighty Percent: Liturgical and Catechetical Ministers Unite (Michael Ruzicki & Vicki Tufano)
2.12, Obstacles to Full, Conscious and Active Participation in Liturgy (Tony Alonso)
3.10, Building Bridges: How to Bring Together the Generational Gaps of the Church (John Angotti)
4.11, From Womb to Tomb: Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals as Instruments of the New Evangelization (Michael Ruzicki & Danielle Knott)
5.13*, Los Sacramentos: de la mano con Dios (Sr. Rosa Monique Pena, OP)

#Young Adult Ministry
2.13, El apasionante mundo de la Lectio Divina (Mario Paredes)
3.11, Getting Catholics (including Young Adults) to Fall in Love with the Bible (Gregory Pierce)
4.12, Evangelizing Young Adults (Paul Jarzembowski)
6.11, Sharing the Good News of Jesus with Young Adults (Pete Ascosi)

#Youth Ministry
6.12, Engaging a New Generation: A Vision for Reaching Catholic Teens (Frank Mercandante)
6.13*, Evangelization and High School Campus Ministry (Sr. Gabriela Davila)

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