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2014 Mid-Atlantic Congress -- Reflection on the 6th Week of Lent
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6th Sunday in Lent

Sunday Scripture Readings

Mt 21:1-11 (At the Procession with Palms)
Is 50:4-7
Ps 22:8-9, 17-18, 19-20, 23-24
Phil 2:6-11
Mt 26:14-27:66

Reflecting on the Readings

The following ideas and phrases from this Sunday’s readings stand out.

  • Isaiah has absolute trust in whatever God asks him to do, confident that God will give him the words to speak what must be said, an ear to hear what must be heard, and the courage to stand before those who might despise him.
  • The psalmist notes that despite all trials and tribulations, he will still proclaim the name of God and praise him.
  • Paul writes eloquently about how Jesus showed us how to be fully human and fully alive—even to death—which is echoed in Jesus sorrow and distress as he prays with his friends and is betrayed in the Garden.
  • In the Passion, we see the spectrum of the distractions, attractions, and addictions that prevent us from being fully human—wealth, power, fear, bodily needs, violence—and how to face truth and the love of God.
  • Jesus reminds us of the power of prayer to lift up the spirit, ground us, and lead us to where God leads us.
  • Paul challenges us to imitate Christ’s humility—to move from richness to poverty, from first to last, from owner to servant—and in so doing, accepting Jesus’ invitation to live fully the life that he offers us.

What phrases or ideas stand out to you and why?

Making Connections

Recall the last point that Rev. Bob Barron made during his closing keynote:

  • Remember St. Ireneaus’ teaching on God.
  • God has no need for us, yet he has poured out his love and breathed us into beings of love.
  • In every moment of every day, God continues to love us into being.
  • We distance ourselves from God when we place other "godly” rivals between us, things like wealth, honor, and power.
  • These rivals eat away at us and prevent us from being fully alive.
  • St. Ireneaus writes, "The glory of God is a human fully alive.”
  • Strive to be fully human and fully alive.

As you read the Scriptures for the 6th Sunday in Lent and think about the points from Rev. Barron’s presentation, what connections do you see? How are they meaningful to you?

Reflection Questions/Activities

As you reflect on the following, share your thoughts or images on Facebook (#MACongress), Twitter (#MACongress), Instagram, or Pinterest.

How do you most effectively listen to God? How do you translate what you hear into action?

What are the distractions, attractions, and addictions in your life that prevent you from being fully alive and fully human? How do these obstacles harm you?

In these Scriptures, which character are you most like? What must you do to become more fully human as God desires you to be?

Additional Resources

15 Days of Prayer with Dorothy Day 

How to Listen When God Is Speaking by Fr. Mitch Pacwa

The Five Loaves' video reflection on the Way of the Cross

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