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2014 Mid-Atlantic Congress -- Reflection on the 3rd Week of Lent
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3rd Sunday in Lent

Sunday Scripture Readings

Ex 17:3-7
Ps 95:1-2, 6-7, 8-9
Rom 5:1-2, 5-8
Jn 4:5-42


Reflecting on the Readings

The following ideas and phrases from this Sunday’s readings stand out.

  • In Exodus, the people became preoccupied with their needs and began to lose faith.
  • Moses cried out to God – he who was so afraid to speak initially to his people.
  • Moses didn’t need to say a thing. He just acted with the fullness of his belief in what the Lord promised him. As a result the people’s faith was renewed. Recalls the admonition of St. Francis—"Preach the Gospel. If necessary, use words.”
  • The psalm proclaims, "Be joyful and thankful.”
  • We are well taken care of as God’s people.
  • Paul in Romans notes that we stand in God’s grace and we boast in hope that does not disappoint.
  • With difficulty one dies for the just, with courage one might die for the good, but Christ died for sinners.
  • Jesus by his actions and simple, common words in the Gospel connects with the woman.
  • The woman preaches with simple words, "He told me everything I have done,” and the passion of what she has seen and heard during her time with Jesus.
  • Her call to witness to others leads them to have their own experience with Jesus.


What phrases or ideas stand out to you and why?





Making Connections

Recall the third point that Rev. Bob Barron made during his closing keynote:

  • Preach with ardor and passion.
  • Let your preaching come from your heart.
  • Let the hope of the Resurrection fill you, even when faced with difficult questions or challenges.


As you read the Scriptures for the 3rd Sunday in Lent and think about the points from Rev. Barron’s presentation, what connections do you see? How are they meaningful to you?





Reflection Questions/Activities

As you reflect on the following, share your thoughts or images on Facebook(#MACongress), Twitter(#MACongress), Instagram, or Pinterest.


How do you reflect to others the hope you have in Christ?


What areas of your own faith life need to be better tended?


What makes you passionate about your faith? How do you reflect that to others – especially those who might be most in need of a "jump start” in their belief?


In what ways can you help finish Jesus’s work of bringing others to faith in God?


Do you feed yourself on the work of faith, as Jesus did? What opportunities to "preach” to others through word or action are you missing? Take advantage of one new opportunity this week.



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