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2014 Mid-Atlantic Congress -- Reflection on the 2nd Week of Lent
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2nd Sunday in Lent

Sunday Scripture Readings

Gen 12:1-4A
Ps 33:4-5, 18-19, 20, 22
2 Tim 1:8B-10
Mt 17:1-9

Reflecting on the Readings

The following ideas and phrases from this Sunday’s readings stand out.

  • Relationships are messy and complex. Covenant as the model for relationship is made even more complex because it is between us and God who is beyond our comprehension.
  • The readings remind us that our relationship is not "Jesus and me,” but with the "great nation.”
  • Our history as a people is complex, riddled with good and evil, but in the end, it is our history.
  • Like the psalmist, we have been crying out to God for centuries—the same cry to the same God.
  • Apostles were well aware of their history. Jesus isn’t just a good man; he’s God’s Son.
  • By ignoring, burying, or "dumbing down” any part of our history—good and bad—we risk losing our roots that inform and teach us. We also risk losing our future—"do not be afraid”—the call to rise means we don’t stay where you are in our comfort zone. The call to rise means getting up and going someplace else.
  • We need to follow the invitation of God with deep faith that depends on our relationship with God in Christ which will lead us and open the door and show us the way
  • Jesus models the importance of prayer in solitude in order to meet God and be in companionship with him. This is how are we find out what God intends for us.

What phrases or ideas stand out to you and why?

Making Connections

Recall the second point that Rev. Bob Barron made during his closing keynote:

  • Relish the complexity of our faith.

As you read the Scriptures for the 2nd Sunday in Lent and think about the points from Rev. Barron’s presentation, what connections do you see? How are they meaningful to you?

Reflection Questions/Activities

As you reflect on the following, share your thoughts or images on Facebook (#MACongress), Twitter (#MACongress), Instagram, or Pinterest.

What complexities in your personal relationships challenge you? What complexities in your relationship with God?

What is your initial response when faced with these complexities? How would you prefer to respond?

Who do you identify with in the history of the Christian faith? Why? What do you think you can learn from that person’s experience and adapt it for your own?

How do you share your faith with those closest to you? What could you do or do differently?

Additional Resources

Gospel in Action
Sharing the Faith That You Love by John and Therese Boucher
Video Reflection
from The Five Loaves

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