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Continuing Education Units
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CEUs are offered for the following sessions (in master class/breakout session number order). 

1.1 Best Practices in the Management of People: Working Together as Pastor, Pastoral Staff and Lay Leaders

1.3 How to Avoid Death by Trivial Pursuit: Best Practices for Developing Successful Advisory Councils

1.4 Leading Mission-Focused, Well-Managed Diocesan Offices and Services

1.5 Immigration and the Transformation of the American Catholic Experience: Why We Must Care

1.14 Why Stay Catholic?

2.1 You're Hired! Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining the Right People for the Job

2.3 Best Practices for Transitions: Reorganizing, Collaborating, Merging and Clustering Parishes

2.4 Serving the Needs of Parishes and Schools: An Integrated Approach to Strengthening Parishes and Schools

2.5 Speaking of God in a Disenchanted World: Religious Education and Secularism

2.8 How’s it Going? Qualitative Analysis and the Parish

2.10 Inclusion: Pastoral Care for Persons with Disablitites, the Deaf & the Hard of Hearing.

2.11 Engaging Children and Adults in Ritual Prayer

2.16 The Inner Life of Priests

3.1 Leading Individuals and Teams to Higher Personal and Ministerial Performance

3.3 Getting and Measuring Results: Assessing Standards for Management Best Practices in Parishes

3.4 Reorganizing Parishes and Schools for Viability

3.6 Forming Faith-filled Leaders through Mentoring

3.9 Speaking of God in a Disenchanted World: Religious Education and Secularism

3.11 Strengthened in Faith: A Unique Video Resource for Confirmation

3.13 Latinos and the Transformation of American Catholicism

3.16 Blessings for Leaders: The Leadership Wisdom of the Beatitudes

4.1 Managing Successful Transitions: Resignations, Terminations, Retirements and Succession Planning

4.3 Best Practices for Long Range Planning: Gaining an Understanding of the Whole Parish System

4.4 Developing Leadership Skills in the Chancery: A Catholic Approach to Leadership Development

4.6 Sacramentality of Life: Encountering the Revealing God

4.7 Forming Catholic Identity in Children

4.10 New Curriculum for the Catechesis of Children with Autism

5.1a/6.1a Intensive Session for Diocesan Leaders

5.2 Learning to Love the Word of God: Lectio Divina with Children

5.11 The RCIA: Who Really Belongs in the Process?

6.7 Building a Multicultural Church

F6 Where Can We Find Wisdom in Parish Lay Servant Leadership?

F7 What Tools Are Available to Implement the New Evangelization?

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